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EST. 2011

Slamtype is an EDM producer and DJ with a unique and varied style. Kickstarting his career in 2012 by earning the prize for Cypress Hill’s “Lez GO” Remix Challenge, Slamtype went on to tour across europe as a DJ playing some of Portugal's largest festivals and stages.


In 2018, Slamtype earned two Top 10 records on the international charts with singles ‘Sex Pistols’ and ‘Hit Em Like’. The following year Slamtype produced single, ‘Cagar y Andar’, for prominent Portuguese comedian Tio Jel.  'Cagar  y  Andar' earned nearly 3 million streams across platforms, with the  Youtube video currently sitting at 1.8 MIL, the song became one of comedian Tio Jel’s biggest moments of 2019.


When the world went on lockdown during the COVID 19 pandemic of 2020, for SLAMTYPE things were Getting even crazier. Earning a Itunes #1 for his viral hit "Quarentena" in his home country of Portugal. A song that sampled the country's emergency broadcast system and, would eventually be played from police loudspeakers  while  they rolled  down the desolate streets of Portugal.


Today, Slamtype is at the top of his game, signing a multi-project deal Black Tie Records in June of 2020. Slamtype is kicking off the deal with his brand new EP, Locked & Loaded featuring collaborator  Small Boss.  Locked & Loaded is a celebration for  Slamtype  as he reflects on all that he’s  already accomplished  and prepares for the successes to come. The new EP, Locked & Loaded & Loaded by Slamtype featuring Small Boss  is now  available  on  All  Platforms! One  thing  is for certain, for Slamtype, things are only just getting started.


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